Even Better Together

About two weeks ago, I wrote about the benefits of having both ShareFile and Microsoft Office 365 – from the Outlook plug-in, to in-browser editing on Citrix managed StorageZones and even the ability to host an Office Online Server 2016 to enable previews and view-only sharing for files stored on-premises with ShareFile.

Today, that story gets even better.

Citrix ShareFile announced the release of StorageZone Controller 5.0 (release notes here). One of the big features of this release is yet another example of how Citrix and Microsoft are working in partnership to provide their customers with the best user experience possible. Yes, we are working better together.

With the release of StorageZone Controller 5.0, Citrix ShareFile is taking the next step to provide what our customers are asking for, and, at the same time, closing the parity gap between the different hosting methods provided by ShareFile.

What am I talking about?

As of now, customers utilizing ShareFile Enterprise on-premises can take their Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions to a new level with in-browser editing for on-prem files!!!

This is a huge advancement from just previewing files – employees of ShareFile Enterprise customers and Microsoft Office 365 subscribers can now collaborate on documents in real-time.

YES, real-time. Rather than checking out a file, updating it and loading it back for another user; or maybe instead of shooting from the hip and just hoping that nobody else is editing at the same time, resulting in overwritten versions of files; our mutual customers get the benefits of both technologies working together to enhance their user experience.

Who needs to know?

This update, much like my last post, is pertinent to customers of ShareFile Enterprise with customer-managed StorageZones and a valid Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

(Please note: also needed is a Microsoft Office Online Server 2016 – see Better Together for a more detailed walkthrough of setup)

How do I get to experience this awesomeness?

Great question!

As I mentioned above, I detail the configuration of Microsoft Office Online Server 2016 in my last post: Better Together. Once the configuration is complete of the OOS, our actual configuration for ShareFile does not need to change much.

First things first, an update to our StorageZone Controller is needed. I will be upgrading from a 4.3 build to 5.0 – for those on older builds, please consult the upgrade paths laid out on the downloads page for StorageZone Controller 5.0. Downloads can be found here: https://citrix.com/downloads and require a Citrix account (free) to access the download.

After updating and restarting, there should be a slight change to the StorageZone Controller configuration page that adds an “Enable Office Online Editing” checkbox under our previously created Web Apps Server URL:edit

What’s new? Hint: the checkbox to allow editing of files that reside on-prem!

After this is checked, log into your ShareFile account and navigate to a folder that is stored in an on-premises StorageZone. Right click the file you would like to edit and you should have a new option to “Edit Document”:

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 4.50.59 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 4.56.23 PM

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