Unify Your ShareFile Resources with NetScaler Unified Gateway

Resources – they can be tough to come by; or even easy to come by, but expensive and/or difficult to maintain. Luckily, Citrix has an answer. I know there are a number of resources (no pun intended) out there for leveraging NetScaler Unified Gateway for various purposes. Today, I plan to explain how to leverage your NetScaler to minimize resource utilization when working with ShareFile.

That’s right, with Unified Gateway, Citrix customers can put multiple resources behind a single IP. Let’s talk about how we do it: Continue reading “Unify Your ShareFile Resources with NetScaler Unified Gateway”

Even Better Together

About two weeks ago, I wrote about the benefits of having both ShareFile and Microsoft Office 365 – from the Outlook plug-in, to in-browser editing on Citrix managed StorageZones and even the ability to host an Office Online Server 2016 to enable previews and view-only sharing for files stored on-premises with ShareFile.

Today, that story gets even better. Continue reading “Even Better Together”