Unify Your ShareFile Resources with NetScaler Unified Gateway

Resources – they can be tough to come by; or even easy to come by, but expensive and/or difficult to maintain. Luckily, Citrix has an answer. I know there are a number of resources (no pun intended) out there for leveraging NetScaler Unified Gateway for various purposes. Today, I plan to explain how to leverage your NetScaler to minimize resource utilization when working with ShareFile.

That’s right, with Unified Gateway, Citrix customers can put multiple resources behind a single IP. Let’s talk about how we do it: Continue reading “Unify Your ShareFile Resources with NetScaler Unified Gateway”

No GUI? No Problem!

I’ve been trying to broaden myself lately…

A few months ago, I helped a customer with a project – they added another NetScaler to their portfolio to help enhance user experience with ShareFile in other parts of the world. After all, it doesn’t make sense to send traffic halfway around the world just to have it come back to your neighbor’s, right?

I had a good understanding of how NetScaler fit into the ShareFile story at that point, but had no idea the power and versatility of the appliance until later when I would be studying for my networking certificate – something I may discuss at a later date, but that’s not the scope of this post.

I get on the phone with the customer and am ready to assist in setting up their new NetScaler to load balance the ShareFile traffic Continue reading “No GUI? No Problem!”