Symbolic Links with ShareFile Sync

Alright; so, this is pretty cool. A few months ago, Citrix ShareFile (somewhat silently) released support for symbolic links with its Sync for Windows client.

When we heard about this, there was a lot of excitement from our team… excitement that seemed to quickly fizzle out.

I didn’t understand it – why weren’t people talking about this? Not only this a ‘cool’ feature (#TalkNerdyToMe), but it’s quite practical and useful. Continue reading “Symbolic Links with ShareFile Sync”

Sometimes the answer is simpl(icity)

I’m a big fan of simple.

Sometimes though, simple isn’t as simple as it seems.

A few months ago, I began working with PowerShell for the first time (with meaningful content). I was creating a script to help my team and our customers with preparing a Windows Server to host Citrix ShareFile’s StorageCenter software. Don’t get me wrong, Continue reading “Sometimes the answer is simpl(icity)”