Symbolic Links with ShareFile Sync

Alright; so, this is pretty cool. A few months ago, Citrix ShareFile (somewhat silently) released support for symbolic links with its Sync for Windows client.

When we heard about this, there was a lot of excitement from our team… excitement that seemed to quickly fizzle out.

I didn’t understand it – why weren’t people talking about this? Not only this a ‘cool’ feature (#TalkNerdyToMe), but it’s quite practical and useful. Continue reading “Symbolic Links with ShareFile Sync”

The Secret Weapon(s)

Earlier this year, I attended Citrix Summit with my team. One of the sessions on the last day was about story telling; specifically, how to tell a story. This was only my second Summit, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from this session, and I was blown away.

The speaker was a story creator from Pixar – Matthew Luhn. Excuse me, not ‘a’ story creator, THE story creator – he was one of the originals. Yes, I had the opportunity to learn from the guy who wrote one of my favorite childhood movies: Toy Story.

His message was simple, yet powerful: a story follows a pattern – there are ups, and there are downs; then there are more ups, and, thus, more downs. To demonstrate, he utilized the movie Up, a movie about a couple that spends their life together, through the good times and the bad, with a shared dream to go on their ‘perfect’ vacation. Spoiler alert! They don’t make it… but the story goes on.

During his talk, he introduced what is called the “story pine” – the basic concept that a story begins at a point, continues along in time until there is a change that leads to a series of changes and/or effects, until there is a point of equilibrium that leads to a moral of the story. We paired off into teams and practiced telling our story. I paired up with my colleague, Kim (check out her blog here!), and we put together quite an amazing story in a matter of seconds.

See, Kim thinks all cats are aliens, and, we’re both have pretty active imaginations, so this was quite simple for us: Continue reading “The Secret Weapon(s)”